Director’s Message 
Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE

Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE


“There’s nothing new under the sun” is an adage that’s been around for centuries, whether taken from a Latin version or from the Bible (Eccl. 1:9).  However, that’s never true in the world of philanthropy and fundraising.  And that’s what makes this profession and practice such a dynamic, exciting and productive one.  PSI is fortunate to have in its midst senior professionals who have much knowledge and experience to share.  During the year 2015, each month will feature a guest Director’s Message, written by a senior professional who selected his or her own topic to share with the PSI world.  The topics will range quite widely but each will be relevant to current, successful practice.  We extend our thanks to our authors for 2015 who will produce the Director’s Message columns.

Accountability has been an issue for nonprofits and fundraisers for quite some time.  However, the demand for accountability has grown over time due to some abuses of donor trust, misuse of donor funds, and the growing demand for proof that fundraising really works.  This month’s guest column, written by Alphonce J. Brown, Jr., ACFRE, President, Docere Consulting, Inc., who also does considerable work for PSI and its clients, takes a look at why accountability is important but more importantly, provides concrete and valuable suggestions for how to fulfill this requirement and demand.  Thanks, Alphonce!

Transparency and Accountability in Fundraising

Long gone are the days when donors simply trust a nonprofit organization to do what it says it is going to do. Today, donors are increasingly demanding evidence that their contributive dollars are having the favorable and intended impact on the mission of the nonprofit—whether a church, hospital, symphony or other nonprofit. Organizations that are open and honest in their communications and that speak frankly about their operations will discover donors will not only trust them more, but will continue to give consistently to their organizations.

Transparency does not necessarily mean providing lengthy information in tremendous detail. While a board member may require a financial statement and supporting documents each time it meets, the average donor might find this information overwhelming and very difficult to comprehend. The secret to being transparent is to provide sufficient information that reflects the overall health, operations and accomplishments of the organization in a manner that can be easily understood by the donor.  Transparency is about communicating critical pieces of information to donors that inspire trust and confidence. Read more >>

Michael BrownMeet Michael Brown, our new associate director
PSI Welcomes our new associate director to the department. Along with his other responsibilities, Michael will be working with the M.A.P. program. He is president of Targeted Insights, a marketing consultancy he founded to serve the donor communications, research, and fundraising needs of nonprofit clients. Before launching Targeted Insights, Michael was Senior Vice President for one of the largest faith-based advertising agencies in the country. He has served an array of nonprofit organizations including Wycliffe Bible Translators, Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern University Radio Network, Mercy Ships, Alliance Defense Fund, Feeding America, and many others. Read more>> 
Successful FundraisingSuccessful Fundraising

Are you planning a building project-a new church, school building, or Community Service Building?

Does it seem like your campaign for funds goes on forever? Are your members or constituents tired of talking about money? If you have these questions and probably many others, this book is for you..
Read more>>

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