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Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE

Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE


“You’re only new once—embrace it, work it, love it.”

Job changes occur quite frequently in the nonprofit world, especially in fundraising.  One of the great aspects of our profession is that we can take our set of skills, which we’ve developed over time through experience and training, to another nonprofit organization and be of benefit to that cause while using the same set of skills. Sometimes this means jumping over borders, adjusting to different types of nonprofit organizations and their corporate cultures, working with new and different teams, and discovering how to apply the set of skills to a new environment and circumstances. This month Chris Carey, a seasoned and successful professional, explains how he approached and handled a major shift and provides valuable advice for any of us who might make a job change.


The sight of a brightly-dressed woman walking along a sidewalk with a sewing machine balanced on her head might seem unusual. In fact, I didn’t think much of it after some months in West Africa.  Culture is like that; seeping in and changing perspectives, our norms.

Having just changed from working in higher education to healthcare philanthropy, thoughts of country culture made me ponder organization culture.  New eyes at a nonprofit bring new perspectives that you don’t want to lose to the “sewing machine phenomenon” where everything eventually becomes your new normal. So how do you retain valuable insights when joining a new team? And how do you hit the ground running with so much to learn? Here are 5 things I’ve found helpful. Read more >>

Successful FundraisingSuccessful Fundraising

Are you planning a building project-a new church, school building, or Community Service Building?

Does it seem like your campaign for funds goes on forever? Are your members or constituents tired of talking about money? If you have these questions and probably many others, this book is for you..
Read more>>

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