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Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE

Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE

The “Quick Fix” Syndrome

By Lilya Wagner

Patrick often conducted workshops or training sessions for various types of practitioners.  He did this as part of his affiliation with an educational institution and also as a consultant.  This was an enjoyable task for him because it was a chance for him to review what were the latest best practices and research, and how this information could be adapted to the organizations represented in his courses.  At this stage of his career as a fundraising professional and now a trainer and consultant he thought he had, to use the cliche, “seen everything.”

Therefore he was a bit taken aback when, on the morning of the second day of training as major gifts were being discussed, a woman raised her hand and asked, “What website can I use for finding lists of major donors for my organization?”

Patrick responded, “Your best major donor prospects come from your own donor lists . . .” and he was going to go on when the course participant interrupted and said, “I know that.  What I’m looking for is websites that tell me where the major donors are.  If I can find them, then I’ll figure out ways to interest them in my organization.”

Patrick let a few moments of silence go by while he pondered how to satisfy this participant and yet adhere to the tried-and-true principles of fundraising.  He finally said, “If there were such lists, those donors may not be available to your organization.  You can find online annual reports and specific donor lists, but you would be most productive if you start with your own donors and prospects and then expand with the help of your board . . . “ and again he was interrupted. Read more >>

Successful Fundraising – Second Edition
Are you planning a building project-a new church, school building, or Community Service Building?

Successful Fundraising 2nd EditionDoes it seem like your campaign for funds goes on forever? Are your members or constituents tired of talking about money? If you have these questions and probably many others, this book is for you…

Successful Fundraising, the PSI-produced fundraising handbook first published approximately two years ago, has been updated and revised, and additional chapters are now included in the 2015 edition. This handbook is available through Advent Source and is affordable at approximately a $19.95 price.

The new chapters are in response to many inquiries regarding topics such as grant proposal writing, the effect of fundraising on tithe and offerings, in-kind and non-philanthropic support, recognition, and several other topics. The handbook continues to be widely used and valued, according to feedback from PSI clients. This expanded version will contain the original chapters which have been updated and revised.

Although originally designed to be a resource for pastors, churches and their organizations, the handbook has proven to be a valuable resource for most other Adventist organizations. Along with it comes PSI advice and consulting (on-site, if possible), additional resource materials, and other programs described on PSI’s website,
Read more>>

Your Future in Fundraising

Your Career in Fundraising cover copy

Fundraising doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It is an essential function in the entire scope of the nonprofit sector, which is supported by philanthropy. And philanthropy is a highly significant part of the fabric of American society, providing opportunities for fulfillment, meeting needs, addressing crises and disasters, and building sustainability for the future. A fundraising professional is the manager of a process that brings together a sense of caring with needs that must be met.

Whether you’re a professional fundraiser, you’re considering a career in fundraising, or you’re beginning your first fundraising project, this book provides information that can help you meet your goals. Read this book to learn about:

  • An Overview of an Ongoing Fundraising Program or Department
  • Skills and Qualities of the Aspiring Professional and Fundraising Positions to Match
  • Embarking on a Fundraising Career
  • Fundraising Professional Development Pipeline
  • Are We There Yet? Tracking the Path of Professionalism in Fundraising
  • Leading from any Level–the Fundraiser’s Challenge and Opportunity
  • Tracing the Development of Fundraising in the U.S.
  • Avoiding the No-Win Job
  • The Globalization of Fundraising

If you are considering engaging in fundraising for your church, school, or a non-profit organization, this book provides an overview of the wide range of possibilities for philanthropic action.

Your Future in Fundraising, by Dr. Lilya Wagner, is now available as a free download here:

Download Now

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Testimonials for ALC

"The course was VERY informative. I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive it is. I took this course to help fulfill my required CEU credits as a Pastor in the Chesapeake Conference.

Thank you for this ministry as it will help our denomination stay sharp and equipped in doing ministry in the 21st century. Thank you to you and your department for your assistance."

Pastor Andre Hastick
South Carroll Seventh-day Adventist Church
Westminster, MD

Giving USA 2015: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the year 2014 has just been released!

giving-usa-2015This 60th anniversary edition of Giving USA contains some very good news.

You’ll discover that philanthropy in America has experienced one of the most significant jumps in recent history—at an estimated 7.1 percent—and nearly every sector has expressed growth.

In addition, you will find an informative timeline on how philanthropy has shifted across America over the last 60 years.

Order your copy of Giving USA 2015 today!

Watch the presentation here: Discussing Giving USA 2015

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