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Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE

Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE


Planning is an essential part of fundraising.  Today’s donors want to see a plan, especially since a plan means accountability.  Most importantly, if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know if you’ve gotten there? This month Dr. Martin Clark, President of the Kettering Medical Center Foundation, addresses an essential piece of planning, one which goes beyond just the “to do” list and distinguishes your organization. Our thanks to Dr. Clark for sharing his insights and counsel.


Every nonprofit claims to have a strategic plan, both for its own sense of progress and to be able to answer “yes” when asked by donors. In fact, most planning done today is not “strategic,” and many organizations plan effectively without really dealing with strategy.

What is strategy?

In simplest terms, a strategy is a plan to win. This is most easily seen in its military use because an opponent has been identified that must be defeated. Merely setting goals in the absence of an opponent is not strategic. Businesses recognize this because they seek to win by gaining market share (or other advantage) over their competitors. Read more >>

Michael BrownMeet Michael Brown, our new associate director
PSI Welcomes our new associate director to the department. Along with his other responsibilities, Michael will be working with the M.A.P. program. Before launching Targeted Insights, Michael was Senior Vice President for one of the largest faith-based advertising agencies in the country. He has served an array of nonprofit organizations including Wycliffe Bible Translators, Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern University Radio Network, Mercy Ships, Alliance Defense Fund, Feeding America, and many others. Read more>> 
Announcing an Upcoming Seminar in 2015 for Senior Professionals!

Learn How You Can Lead Your Organization To a Higher Standard of Performance—Presented by Steve Reed and Lilya Wagner

Hope is Not a Strategy. The 2015 Executive Leadership Institute is designed to challenge you to explore how you might significantly increase the amount you are raising for your organization by applying performance improvement principles from the world of lean and six sigma. Learn how to apply PI to the work of your development professionals–and spark fundamental improvements in fundraising through process, structure, and technology. This highly interactive, hands-on experience will in two days expose you to case studies as well as tools and techniques based on lean six sigma that will make a significant difference in your fundraising potential. Read more>>

Successful FundraisingSuccessful Fundraising

Are you planning a building project-a new church, school building, or Community Service Building?

Does it seem like your campaign for funds goes on forever? Are your members or constituents tired of talking about money? If you have these questions and probably many others, this book is for you..
Read more>>

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