Model for Academy Philanthropy

The Model For Academy Philanthropy Program (MAP)

Why We Exist

Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI), a ministry of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, is firmly committed to supporting the sustainability and accessibility of Christian education at elementary, high school, and K-12 academies.  To that end, PSI administers a multi-tiered grant program that fosters adaptation and implementation of nonprofit fundraising best practices.  In addition to providing fundraising training, education, and consulting, PSI also accepts grant applications focused on establishing and or strengthening academy development departments well positioned to engage in successful fundraising.

MAP Program Description

MAP Level 1 Grant

This grant is best suited for academies and elementary schools launching their first:

  • Annual Fund Program
  • Student Scholarship Program
  • Special Project Fundraising Campaign
  • Major Donor Campaign

The MAP Level 1 Grant is an award up to $2,000 to fund an onsite, one-time, PSI-funded training or consulting visit.  The visit may include professional help in creating a development plan, conducting a communications audit of donor solicitations, or assessing donor file health.  Periodic, personalized fundraising guidance is also available.

For more information please contact Michael J. Brown, Associate Director of PSI.

MAP Level 2 Grant

This mid-tier grant is a capacity building grant best suited for elementary and high school academies needing professional help in strengthening specific aspects of their pre-existing fundraising programs in focus areas such as:

  • Capital Campaign Development
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Donor Management System Acquisition
  • Board Development
  • Fundraising Readiness Assessment

This is a grant award of up to $5,000 and requires a quantified, elevated standard of performance and reporting.  Submission and approval of written plans are usually required.  Depending on particular circumstances, the need for multiple consultative visits will be evaluated and will occur as needed.

For more information please contact Michael J. Brown, Associate Director of PSI.

MAP Level 3 Grant

The MAP Level 3 Grant is the most comprehensive of the PSI grants available.  This grant is intended for high school and K-12 academies desiring to establish a full-functioning development department.  This three-year, annually renewable, $40,000 cumulative grant is awarded with a maximum of $10,000 after the completion of year 1 requirements, $15,000 after the completion of year 2 requirements, and $15,000 after the completion of year 3 requirements.  

MAP program academies create annual development plans undertaking a full range of development activities including peer-to-peer board solicitation campaigns, faculty & staff campaigns, direct mail fundraising campaigns, online campaigns, phone-a-thons, and major donor cultivation and solicitation campaigns.  

MAP program academies engage in a multistep process that occurs as follows:

  1. Submit a MAP Level 3 Grant Application.
  2. Undergo a PSI Fundraising Readiness Assessment.
  3. Gain acceptance into the MAP Program.
  4. Submit quarterly donor data for the PSI Fundraising Fitness Test analysis & reporting.
  5. Complete Annual Board training led by PSI.
  6. Create and implement a comprehensive, annual development plan.
  7. Receive annual reimbursement after completion of program requirements by July 31st.

Note that after acceptance into the MAP Program, steps 4 through 7 listed above become iterative for each of the three years of participation as a MAP program academy.  Submission of donor data for continued analysis and reporting of the PSI Fundraising Fitness Test is required for five consecutive years post completion of the MAP Program.

For more information please contact Michael J. Brown, Associate Director of PSI.

MAP Program Eligibility Requirements Overview

  • The school must have at least 10 years of graduating classes.
  • The school must get a development person committed to a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • The school/board must ensure their financial commitment to program.
  • Must commit to using a computerized donor management system.
  • The board must participate in PSI sponsored trainings on-site.
  • The board/principal must agree to all program requirements.
  • The principal must agree to initial training hosted by PSI.
  • Principal must commit to attending the PSI Conference on Philanthropy in 2018.

For additional information, please contact:

Michael BrownMichael J. Brown, Associate Director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions


Office: (301) 680-6134